Voiterm aims to make multi-choice voting processes more efficient and cost-effective by significantly reducing personnel and expense costs compared to traditional voting methods.

Advantages of Voiterm

1. Reduction in Personnel Costs

Voiterm requires fewer personnel compared to manual vote counting and organizational processes. The electronic voting system operates with automated processes, minimizing the need for personnel and resulting in substantial cost savings for businesses and organizations.

2. Decrease in Expense Costs

Traditional voting processes come with expenses such as paper, printing, and logistics. Voiterm, being based on a digital platform, minimizes these expenses. Reduced paper usage and logistics requirements lead to a significant decrease in overall costs.

3. Speed and Efficiency

Voiterm digitizes the multi-choice voting process, allowing for faster obtainment of results. It operates faster than manual processes and provides immediate results, enabling an efficient and effective election process.

Voiterm aims to contribute to the strengthening of democratic processes by providing organizations with an economical and efficient voting solution through significant reductions in personnel and expense costs.