VOITERM Digital Election System is not based on Blockchain.

In the 2019 Silivri 5.8 earthquake, we tried to reach our loved ones. However, we all experienced the density of GSM operators' lines together. We also saw that during religious holidays, our people loaded on GSM operators to communicate with their loved ones and waited for the lines to empty due to the density caused by the density. 

The sustainability and controllability of the electoral system to be used is important. In the aftermath of the February 6, 2023 Kahramanmaraş earthquake, which covered 10 provinces and was the disaster of the century that our country experienced, we followed the questions of how the elections would be held in the media. 

Considering the sociological, demographic, geopolitical and cultural structure of our country, we thought that it would be difficult to realize this and developed a new system with a different perspective. There are still illiterate people in our country, there are still places without smartphones, even without telephones, without internet infrastructure. Due to the geographical location of our country, it is also useful not to ignore political games with foreign roots. Considering these factors, we aimed to eliminate the question of how to control the person(s) who will vote. 

Blockchain and the electoral system intersect at some points. However, this intersection is not feasible as it does not mean complete overlap. In order for blockchain, which has a global structure, and the electoral system to overlap, they must be transformed by making compromises. Otherwise, what may seem like a plus may lead to losses.