We divided the VOITERM Digital Election System into 2 parts: the voting device and the server where the management and registration system is located. 

We had the opportunity to do our thinking on a single device. Considering factors such as device malfunction and vandalism, we decided on a server where we can control everything. The voter is directed to the candidate selection screen by scanning the barcode code in his/her hand (such as TR ID, membership card with barcode) to the device. As soon as the voter casts his/her vote for a candidate, the printer on the device reports the information of the candidate on a piece of paper. Who voted for whom is never matched. This information is also stored on a digital server. In this way, duplicate votes are prevented, while election and voter security is ensured with cryptographic encryption algorithms accepted by technology and in use. The information on the server and the device printer printouts are checked and the election process is controlled and ensured. The information recorded by the printer also supports the reliability of the company by ensuring that the company software and reports are checked. 

Cryptographic messaging between the device and the server is realized through a closed circuit wireless communication protocol. Being closed circuit prevents external intervention. 

It was proven in the 2020 US presidential elections that the information recorded on paper with the digital election system is reliable and healthy. Due to objections, a commission was established by the US government to investigate the presidential election results. Commission officials stated that "the 2020 elections, one of the most controversial elections in the US, were the most secure in the country. Allegations of fraudulent votes were invalidated by comparing paper records of each vote with digital records." in a statement.  

As VOITERM, we have made the more advanced version of this application, which the US authorities pointed out that it increased voting security, ready for use as a result of intensive R&D studies. We are ready to serve our country and our people in demands such as presidential elections, TBMM parliamentary elections, local government elections, professional chambers, chambers of industry, party presidential elections, sports clubs and federation presidential elections, etc.