In the research we conducted before starting the VOITERM Digital Election System, we saw that the devices produced according to the technological conditions of the time were used in the USA, Switzerland, Estonia, India and Brazil and we took them into consideration. 

According to data compiled by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, 79% of 173 countries do not use electronic voting systems. 29 countries were found to use electronic voting systems in politically binding national elections, while 18 countries have completed the transition to electronic voting in regional elections. 

We decided to draw a different path for ourselves by researching the sociological and geographical structure of our country and the problems experienced by other countries. 

The right to vote and be elected is one of the cornerstones of democracy. As long as humanity exists, there will be a need for secure, fast and transparent voting processes. At this point, as VOITERM, we have developed Turkey's first closed-circuit electronic election system in order to catch up with the age by combining the right to vote and be elected with modern technology and to offer a solution that facilitates election processes for the benefit of all humanity.